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When educators are challenged to address problem student behaviors, the question in their minds should never be "What's the right punishment?" Instead, this book describes the benefits to both teachers and students of using a relational discipline approach. Dr. Frank draws on deep experiences as a teacher, coach, and school principal to show how discipline done right can help students to grow in self-management and responsibility. Listening to students and getting to know them are key to helping them to see consequences and make good choices. The author includes sample teacher-student dialogs with actual words to use to deflect power struggles, develop positive relationships, and keep kids accountable without fostering resentment. Dr. Frank shares guidelines that have already helped hundreds of grateful teachers to avoid the frustration and discouragement that often occur when working with student misbehavior. Featuring enlightening stories and situation-specific strategies, Non-Punitive School Discipline will kelp K-12 teachers, school administrators, and support staff experience the joy and satisfaction that can come when students grow in positive ways.

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