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Student-Centered Educator ~
High School Principal ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Consultant ~ Change Facilitator

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Best Selling Book

Non-Punitive School Discipline: Relational Practices to Help Students Overcome Problem Behaviors


Dr. Frank is profiled by "Shoutout Colorado" and "VoyageDenver" as a rising star and top leader in industry

" Coach Foundation has recognized Adam H. Frank expertise in Writing Coach by selecting him as a top coach."

1-on-1 Coaching

Dr. Frank provides 1-on-1 COACHING for SCHOOL LEADERS (and other industry leaders)

1-on-1 year-long, weekly or bi-weekly, phone calls and/or virtual meetings to support your leadership STYLE, CHALLENGES, NEEDS!

Only $125 per session!

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Need a dynamic school leader to help your organization, school, district, team, or staff embrace change? Dr. Frank is a current high school principal who has experience leading change initiatives at multiple schools in various districts. He's been recognized by Shoutout Colorado, VoyageDenver, and the Coach Foundation as a rising star and top leader in industry. Dr. Frank's approach relies on realistic and humanistic communication and an authentic style of leadership. He can help equip leaders as they prepare to take on challenging initiatives in their school or district. Also, Dr. Frank can create, tailor, and deliver presentations and professional development for educators on a wide-range of topics. 

One of his main interests is helping individual school leaders (and other industry leaders) as they navigate dynamic and challenging situations. The role of a school leader (or any leader) is hard! Whether it be operational challenges or inherent leadership challenges - working with employees, navigating change, working with upper management, etc... - Dr. Frank is eager to assist leaders on a personal level. You will see results, feel SUPPORTED, and find SOLUTIONS!

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